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Brittany walked into living room where Jeanette was reading a book Simon had given to her for her birthday.Britany thought this would be the perfect opprotunity to talk to her sister.
Brittany:Hi Jeanette!
Jeanette:Oh Hi Brittany.
Brittany joined her on the couch. Considering the shyness Jeanette has, this would be easy.
Brittany:Can I talk to you for a minute?
Brittany:Before we found out that Ian was evil, I happened to bump into Alvin.
Jeanette:I see. Same thing happened to Eleanore, only with Theodore.
Brittany had heard about Eleanore bumping into Theodore, but she predicted it was far more romantic than when she bumped into Alvin.
Brittany:Ok I see, so have you bumped into any of the chipmunks let's say... Simon?
Jeanette looked up from her book and looked like she was thinking.
Jeanette:Well, there was a time I bumped into Simon before we found out Ian was devilish.
Brittany smiled a little, not enough to convince Jeanette what she was really doing.
Brittany: Would you care to tell your little sister about it?
Jeanette:Theraply speaking, it would be good for the soul to tell what's on your mind. I guess I could.
Brittany:Then close the book and take a seat!
Jeanette did just as her sister commanded. She took off her glasses because she just wanted to.
Jeanette: Well it all started when the bell rang.
>Flash Back Effects<
Jeanette(N)*: I was late for Art class, you know how I hate to be late. Well I started to run and right when I got ready to turn to the corner when I bumped into someone. I was confused because if it was a foot it would hurt more. My glasses got knocked off, but I could tell it was Simon. I could also tell his glasses were knocked off.
Jeanette:Oh , um, Excuse Me um um....
Jeanette(N):I pretended not to know his name for occasional reasons.
Simon:My name is Simon.
Jeanette:Oh, excuse me Simon for being so clumsy.
Simon:I should be the one apologizing.And well, you being clumsy isn't a bad thing to me.
Jeanette(N):I knew I was blushing but I was still confused. How could Ian say Simon was mean? Any ways he picked up my glasses and handed them to me.
Simon:I think these belong to you.
Jeanette:Thanks.My name name is Jeanette.
Simon: A real pleasure to meet you Jeanette.
Jeanette(N):I was putting on my glasses when I caught Simon without his. I would never forget those dark blue eyes. Once he put his glasses back on, he got up and took my hand and helped me up. That's when I finished daydreaming.
Jeanette:Oh no! I'm late I better be going!
Simon:Wait, what class are you going?
Jeanette:Art, why?
Simon:That's where I'm heading. Do you mind if I walk you there?
Jeanette(N):I felt my cheeks getting hot, I knew if Ian found out, I would get in big trouble, but it was just a walk so I said yes.
>Flash Back Ends<
Brittany:How ROMANTIC!So you think you like Simon?
Jeanette was thinking about it. Did she like Simon? Would she be able to cuddle Simon like Theodore and Eleanore? Brittany was her sister, she could trust her.
Jeanette: I guess so-
Brittany was wide-eyed at her explosion. She then looked at her sister who looked afraid and confused.
It was Jeanette's turn to look wide-eyed.
Jeanette:Your not going to tell Simon, are you?!?!
Brittany:Would a fellow sister ever do that?
Brittany then left to go check on Alvin.
Alvin:Ok I hired my cousin Chip to act like he's going to steal you from me. Unfortunatly, there's a catch.
Brittany:What's the catch?
Alvin:Well he's been picking on me ever since I was born. So he thinks I am still puny, so he said he'll do it if I send him a picture of the girl he's going to steal kissing me.
Alvin:Should we do it now to get over with it?
Brittany:Fine, this better not be one of your tricks Alvin, and if the school finds out, all the pretty girls will think Simon is hotter than you.
Alvin:Are you saying I'm H-O-T!
Brittany: Just pucker up and get ready.This will be the first and last kiss you'll get from me.
Both of them started getting closer to each other until Alvin ruined the moment.
Alvin:This is not going to work if we do it slowly. It builds up suspense and my stomach feels bad.
Brittany really wanted to get it over with, not that she didn't like the idea of kissing Alvin, in fact, she didn't think this was going to be the last kiss she'll have with Alvin.
Brittany:Is that Simon and Jeanette kissing behind you!
Alvin turned around, not noticing that Brittany grabbed the camera. She grabbed his arms and put him close to her. Within seconds there lips touched for the first time. Both of them felt sparks. The wonderful kiss ended.
Brittany:That was, was...nice!
Alvin:Same here!
Brittany:Darn it! It just so happens, I didn't take the picture.
Alvin:Well, then should we do it again?
Brittany:How else will Chip do the job?
And so then they kissed again, Brittany's tail was reaching Alvin's tail. They locked they tails as the sign that they will will be more than friends.
The part about Jeanette bumping into Simon wasn't in the movie, but considering that they never had a special moment like TheodoreXEleanore and AlvinXBrittany, I think they deserve one. I still don't own the chipmunks or chipettes :(
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