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Alvin:Pretty much. Can we just skip the speech and go for my punishment?
Dave:No more wii baseball.
Alvin:Noooooo! Dave you can't do this to me!
Dave:I'm sorry Alvin, but you know better.
Dave then left and went to his studio.
Brittany:But Alvin, you hate baseball.
Alvin:I'm such a good actor.
Brittany:He-He. Your so so...
Alvin:The word your looking for is a hot trouble-maker
Brittany:*Sarcasticly*Oh sure you are one hot trouble-maker! Hey where's Simon and Jeanette?
Alvin:The love birds went to do homework together.
Brittany:I see. Do you think they make a perfect couple?
Alvin:I would say yes if I was a girly girl.
Brittany:He-he. I'm serious Alvin.
Alvin:Oh fine. Now that you mention it, they do.
Brittany goes over to the couch and looks at Alvin as if to say "get over here". Alvin got the message and went to follow Brittany in a dark closet.
Alvin:Why are we here?
Brittany:Don't you think Simon should ask Jeanette out to a date.
Alvin:The same way Theodore asked Eleanore out?
Brittany:I guess, but a little less spontaneous.Just get your brother to ask my sister out.
Alvin:Sir yes Sir!
Brittany:EXCUSE ME!?
Alvin:Ma'm yes Ma'm
Just as they were about to leave, Alvin stopped Brittany in her tracks.
Alvin looked slyly at her.
Alvin:Alone...In a room...together.
Brittany:You copied off of Freddy in iCarly and nice try hot shot!
Brittany left with her tail dragging under Alvin's chin.
Alvin:Wow. Wait a second.Brittany!
Alvin ran up to her to tell him his plan.
Alvin:I was thinking we could make a triple date.
Brittany:I'm listening.
Alvin: I'm thinking Eleanore and Theodore, you and me!
Brittany:It could work out.We could pretend Theodore and Eleanore had a fight in the middle of the date and then they would leave.After that another guy would flirt with me and he would take me away from the date.Which leaves you crying and then you go home leaving Simon and Jeanette alone. Oh Alvin your brilliant!
Brittany went over to Alvin and gave him a hug.Once she left, she was quite excited about the date. But it wasn't over Simon or Jeanette nor Theodore and Eleanore. She was Excited that she was going to a date with Alvin.
Well my last one wasn't dramatic enough so I put drama in this one. As much as I want to own the chipmunks and chipettes, I don't own them.My stories are for entertainment so if you want something to happen in my stories, don't be shy and just tell me.
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Polinaxxx Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
i love ittttttttt♥
Asiapuppy01 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Student
it was awesome the only part i dont really like is when brittany said alvin copied freddy. it kina makes me feel like the whole story is based on that episode
eleanoristhechipette Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010
ok this is a funny love story about the chipmunks and chipettes its part 1 of two a few of my made up characters are in this love story like: Lengerie (eleanor)Amanda(jeanette)Lavander(Brittany)Adventuro (Alvin)Snap(Simon)Indigo(Theodore) ill try to make it as funny as i can and they r prob 18 here so if you dont like it keep that to your self hope maybe it will be a fave to someone ?

~Bell rings~ Alvin: I'm glad to get out of that prison i thought mrs.robinson was gonna make her bird fall asleep with all that math

Simon: Ok that makes no sence to me at all and im the smart one O_O

Eleanor: alvin want to come to my house? i'll make cookies

Alvin: if you make brownies instead, i'll come

Eleanor:K i can make whatever :)

Jeanette: Simon can i come over your house?

Simon: Sure Jeanette maybe we can make and experiment ;)
Jeanette: Yup maybe we can ;)

Brittany: AHH!!!!!!!!!!

Theodore: Why did you scream like that?!?!

Brittany: idk

Snap: well Amanda want to come over my place?

Amanda: Sure Snap we can have a experiment like Simon and Jeanette :)

Snap: uhh... k


Lingerie: ok adventuro calm down

Snap: Yea adventuro calm down ok lets go


~Hearing moans from down stairs~

Lavander: IS THAT A MONSTER ?!?!

Alvin and Theodore together:No thats probably Simon and jeanette :O

Lavandar: ohh... wait eewee

Lengerie: Adventuro?

Adventuro: Yea?

Lingerie: I love you

Adventuro: I love you too


Adventuro: Shut up Indigo

Indigo:Make me

~ throws Indigo to the ground ~

Adventuro: You are ugly and fat like a chimp and smelly

Indigo: why you gotta be harsh

Adventuro: Cause thats the way i am

Indigo: K

Alvin: Eleanor lets go upstairs

Eleanor: ok

~Screams from downstairs~

Simon: OW Why did u scream like that?

Jeanette: idk i want more

Simon: More what?

Jeanette: Ur gonna make me beg? Thats not fair

~Kiss nonstop~

~ Now you here moaning upstairs~

Brittany: what is this the sex house?

Theodore: Want to join?

Brittany: Why not

~ Goes to Theodore's room ~ ( which is next to Alvin's room which is were eleanor and alvin are)

Brittany: I'm gonna jump on the bed

~ Hits head on fan ~

Brittany: OW!!!!!!!!!

Theodore: You wanted to jump on the bed

~Brittany looks at the fan like it came out of no where

thats the end of part 1 people so ill put part 2 up in a little bit
chipmunknchipette Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
oh .. how exciting
I recive by Part 3 :3 xD
Heatherlia1000 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
CutieKittyCat Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010   Writer
It's great, i love how Alvin flirt with Brittany, they are so cute! Well done!
Heatherlia1000 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
Thanks!Me too! I have to say i got the idea from iCarly.
CutieKittyCat Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010   Writer
Oh cool to hear! Yes, i like iCarly to.
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